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A brief History of Glaspant

Glaspant Farmhouse would have been occupied sometime before the main house was built and was probably a small farm during the early part of C18. In what was originally part of the Farmhouse and is now the Manor Library, there is a wooden lintel with the date of 1741 carved into it. We have also found an Irish penny in the walled garden from C18.

The main Manor House was built for Thomas Howell (died 1837) of Penralltcych in the late C18 and belonged to the Howell family until the mid 60s.

Henry Williams Lloyd Howell (1871 – 1916) of Glaspant wrote a diary in 1896 which has been edited and published by Leslie Baker-Jones (there is a copy of The Glaspant Diaries in the Farmhouse for you to read and imagine the estate in times gone by). It is full of the day to day life in the village (including the gossip) at that time. It was a different world with no electricity and cottages lit by candles. Sadly, malnutrition and infant mortality were common and drunkenness could be a problem. The diary also records plenty of fun and games including magic lantern shows. There is also many references to generosity, charity and community spirit.

Henry had a son, Henry Williams Thomas Lloyd Howell (1915 – 2001) who lived at Glaspant until the mid-60s and is remembered with affection by some of the residents of Capel Iwan.

There is evidence that Italian prisoners of war were working on the estate during the Second World War. On a large piece of slate by the Farmhouse entrance you can see a carved inscription:-

"Carlo Fiori, Firenze, San Gallo, Italia, 1943"

Electricity finally reached Capel Iwan in 1955 although many houses had private generators.

In the early 70s Glaspant was bought by Angela Lyle (Tate and Lyle) who designed and made stage clothes for rock musicians and with her family converted one of the outbuildings into a rehearsal/recording studio. Many famous bands would come and stay at Glaspant including:-

Black Sabbath, Freddie Mercury, Hawkwind & Genesis (who recorded “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” at Glaspant in 1974)

There are many locals who can remember the noise from Glaspant during the “Rock” years.

The rehearsal/recording studio has now become Swift Cottage which adjoins Swallow Cottage.

Glaspant was purchased in the early 80s by David and Peggy Clark and their family. By this time the buildings had fallen into a state of disrepair. David carried out extensive repair work and brought Glaspant back from certain ruin.

In 2006 we purchased Glaspant and have undertaken an extensive program of modernization and hopefully the legacy of Glaspant will now last for many years to come.

Henry William lloyd Howell 1913 Glaspant Diary Slate Carving The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
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